Yvonne Robertson Photography

They say never to work with children or animals... but Yvonne takes all the stress out of wrestling a toddler into a photogenic position!

It seems I'm constantly taking photos of my wee boy; my phone's camera roll is full of him smiling, eating dinner, and dancing and like any parent, I never tire of looking at them.

But the problem with modern day photography is that it is all so digital – I can't remember the last time I physically took a photo to hold in my hand.

Given that these moments are so precious, we decided to capture some in a more traditional way by booking a photo shoot for Joseph, that would provide us with some real photographs.

We were lucky enough to come across [Link http://yvonnerobertsonphotography.com/ Yvonne Robertson Photography].

Yvonne Robertson Photography

Based in the East End of Glasgow, Yvonne has been running her photography business part-time from her home studio since 2014. Yvonne graduated with a BA (Hons) in Photography last year and is now looking to take her business full-time (and she has already been very busy!).

Looking at her portfolio you can see why; her photos hold a timeless elegance that capture a moment without any hint of falseness or staging. This allows her natural talent for photography to shine through in her photo's simple beauty.

Yvonne's newborn shoots particularly stand out as the images are so simple and yet so striking, in that the babies appear to be suspended in thin air, likening to something almost pre-birth in the womb. They really capture the raw beauty and detail of those first days and months with no flashy backdrop or garish props.

Yvonne Robertson Photography

I had originally been a bit hesitant about a photo shoot, as given that Joseph is no longer a baby, getting him to sit still at the best of times can be a challenge, but Yvonne reassured me that we would be able to work quickly and get some great shots.

Arriving at Yvonne's home studio provided the perfect balance of professionalism and comfort. Her studio is light, clean and set up as any larger studio would be – you almost forget you're in someone's house. We were so welcome that I never once felt uncomfortable with Joseph running around and exploring – plus we got a cup a tea!

The session time varies depending on the child and their age – ours was wrapped up fairly quickly as Joseph wasn't keen on sitting too long, but Yvonne did have lots of different tools and techniques to keep his interest and to get the best picture.

After the shoot, Yvonne then edits the photos and allows you to privately access them online before deciding which ones you would like to purchase.

Prices range and you can find more information on her [Link http://yvonnerobertsonphotography.com/mb0he6nhyxgxqfnaa7l72cachndbkr website here] or by dropping her a message directly. Yvonne is always easy to reach, open and friendly.

Overall I would highly recommend Yvonne Robertson Photography for a child of any age and it even allows mummies and daddies the chance to get out from behind the camera and be part of that special moment.

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[INTRO They say never to work with children or animals... but Yvonne takes all the stress out of wrestling a toddler into a photogenic position!]

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